Eco Rating

Our own quest to know more about products led us on a search to find an eco-labeling system that we could adopt. GECA offer “Eco-Labels” to furniture manufacturers. But not as yet for small home ware wholesalers like us. So while we continue our research, we have come up with our own Eco-Rating system.  We can’t claim scientific accuracy or government accreditation (yet). Our aim is simply to offer you a slightly better informed buying decision.

We have devised a simple 5-point rating system that is based on the following:


This accounts for the distance the product has travelled. The more fuel and resources it has taken for it get here, the less points it receives. At present, all of our products are imported. They all lose points for miles. We do however choose sea freight over the high “miles” and cost of airfreight.

Materials + Certification

Sustainably sourced materials, such as the rattan, abaca and FSC certified wood used in our products earn far more points than non-renewable, non-recyclable or chemically manufactured materials.

Embodied energy

This is the energy and resources (raw material extraction, fossil fuels etc) used in the work of making a product. Hand-woven abaca cushions contain far less embodied energy than chemically dyed, machine-woven polyester ones.

People + Ethics

When sourcing our products, our aim is to help support communities and keep traditional handicrafts alive.  We are assured that the people who make our products are happy, healthy and do so willingly.

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