Customized Lighting Designs

Be they our own designs, or designs from our suppliers practically all of our lighting is exclusive to Sala Verde.

Many of our current lighting products can be customized in colour and even in size. We invite our clients to speak with us about customizing our lighting to meet their project briefs.

Have a lighting design idea? Not sure how to have it made? Don’t have time to find makers, research materials, source electrical fittings, deal with shippers, etc?
This is where Sala Verde can help.

The makers in our network each specialize in using different materials to produce their light shades and lamps. These materials include rattan, abaca, wire, paper, porcelain, wood, glass, leather, fabric and more. We manage the production process and ensure that your brief is met.

In fact, Sala Verde will manage the whole process from your idea concept all the way to your completed and installed, amazing bespoke lighting.


We meet with you to gain a full understanding of your brief. We like to see your design ideas be they detailed drawings, rough sketches or mood boards. And depending on the project we like to see the project site, so we get the full picture.  An initial consultation fee of $475 is charged but is absorbed if the project goes ahead.

In producing your design we select the most suitable maker from our network of makers, based on the materials and techniques they use.

We have your rough sketches and ideas converted into drawings (or we use your detailed drawings if you have them). We always ask you to sign off final drawings.
Minor modification to your drawings start from $100. Full drawings start from $400.

We then fully brief our makers, discuss any potential concerns with them and make adjustments if required, before production starts. We communicate these with you as well as updating you on progress throughout the making process.

We communicate production estimates to you as soon we have them. Before production begins you will be required to pay a 50% deposit.

We ensure our makers use Australian approved electrical fittings.

Some of our makers are overseas. We take on the task of shipping. We take care of the documentation, the customs, the quarantining and arrange to have your finished lights delivered to you on site. If the makers are local, we arrange the courier to deliver to you onsite.

You may have your own preferred electrician. If not, we can arrange one our qualified electricians to install your new lights for you. Installation costs start from $200.

Case Studies

Hand made wire 224x300 Customized Lighting Designs

“Nigel’s Chandelier”

Nigel was after a one off centrepiece to hang from the high rafters of a warehouse style restaurant. He is an interior designer so he had his own detailed drawings of his chandelier design idea.
Here’s an outline of how we were able to help Nigel and what processes and costs were involved. Title???

Upon first chatting?? and learning about what we can do, Nigel asked us to help have his creation made.

We set up our first meeting and spent about an hour discussing his requirements

In this case it wasn’t possible for us to visit the site, but Nigel had photographs and elevation drawings of the space he was designing. We don’t always need these but given the size of the chandelier, it helped with understanding proportions.

Because Nigel went through with the project, the initial consultation fee of $475 was absorbed.

Based on his design, we selected the most suitable maker from our network of makers. Because of the industrial feel of the space, Nigel wanted to use metal. One of our makers works wonders with wire of varying gauges, so we approached them with Nigel’s drawing.

Nigel’s detailed drawings were good but the makers were concerned. They told us they had to consider the strength of weld points and such like, and in this case because of its size (200cmH x 180cmW) they had to consider its transportability. They suggested the chandelier be made in three pieces and so we modified the drawings. Clever. This forethought saved potential grief later on.

Minor modifications to drawings start from $100. Costs to draw up your designs from scratch start from $400.

Throughout the production stage we communicated with our makers ensuring any issues were nipped in the bud. And we gave regular updates to Nigel, although we didn’t bother him with the niggly stuff. That’s our job. And he had his to get on with. The making of the chandelier from initial drawing to shipment took about 9 weeks. Thankfully Nigel understood that to have anything custom made takes time.

The cost to make Nigel’s chandelier was $2,250.

Nigel admitted he didn’t have the time nor the slightest desire to bother with the shipping process and was more than happy for us to handle all the documentation, fumigation, customs etc.  Which we did. And we arranged to have the three large boxes delivered onsite. Shipment took four weeks.

Nigel’s chandelier was made in the Philippines. Shipping costs came to $1,200.

Whilst we could have arranged for a qualified electrician to install the chandelier, Nigel had his own guy working on site that he preferred to use.

Our electrician’s installation costs start from $200.

From brief to delivery, Nigel’s customized chandelier came to $3,750.
He was sent 3 invoices. One for the initial consultation. One for payment of deposit (paid before production began). And the last just prior to delivery.
He saved by having his own near-complete detailed drawings and by using his own electrician.

“Elly’s Yellow Origami Pendants”

Elly’s brief was very simple. She was fitting out a municipal library and she wanted 12 of our large Origami pendants in a particular yellow, Pantone 122C to be precise – to match the yellow stools she had specified. She wanted each of them to hang from 4.5m of black cloth cable.

Our “initial consultation” was just a phone call followed up by emails.  She sent through her order along with the Pantone swatch and number. And we sent her a quotation and an estimated delivery date. She approved the quotation and paid 50% deposit.

9 weeks later her yellow Origami pendants were complete and ready to deliver.
She paid the remaining 50% and the lights were delivered onsite to her foreman who arranged the installation.

12 x lights including customised colour, extra cable length, shipping and delivery was $4,350



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