Caring About the Environment


We care about the people involved in making our products and we also very much care about
the materials our products are made from.

We prefer our products to be made from natural, readily available materials such as abaca, which is simply the dried bark of a banana tree which is then woven into cloth.
Or recycled materials such as this timber pictured below which was salvaged from a 400yr old demolished house.

With our wood products, we ask for FSC certification. If the supplier can’t provide proof of the wood’s origin and our research finds that the species is endangered and illegally logged, then we reject it. Yes it might have been a more beautiful wood and thus a more beautiful end product but we search for alternatives and use those instead.


In our endeavour to have our products “green accredited” we have learnt that there is as yet, no
accreditation available for home ware and lamp shades that are produced on a small scale.

So until that time comes, please have faith that our principles and ethos dictate that all of our products, and those we have made for you are as researched and compliant to “green” guidelines as we can manage.

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